The dragonfruit cactus fruit is perhaps most common as the red dragon fruit (the red dragonfruit cactus fruit has red flesh or red pulp). This is Hylocereus undatus, to be precise. This delectable and nutritious dragonfruit cactus fruit is the fruit of the vinelike dragonfruit cactus plant. Interestingly, the dragonfruit cactus blooms only at night and only a few times each year, blooming with beautiful huge fragrant blooms. Because of the night blooming, pollination is by nocturnal creatures such as moths and bats rather than the more common pollinators of the day such as bees. Pollination by fruit bats is actually a very important natural process, in spite of a lot of people's aversion to the fuzzy little creatures! Since the dragonfruit cactus plant only comes to fruiting after a successful pollination - even self pollinating dragonfruit plants can fail to create dragonfruit cactus fruits when they don't get the help of these essential nocturnal creatures to enable them to pollinate properly.

Dragon Fruit

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